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"Let today be the day ...

You make it a point

to show your gratitude to others.

Send a letter or card, make a call,

send a text or email,

tell them in person ...

do whatever you have to do

to let them know you appreciate them”

(Steve MaraboliThe Power of One).


"Tammy brought dedication and a most assiduous work ethic to the immense task of editing my 95,000-word PhD thesis. Communication was excellent and the rate reasonable. Tammy's approach was particularly suited to fine-tuning my mixed methods study, which drew on ethnographic and narrative approaches. My thesis was accepted by both examiners on first submission with no corrections to the manuscript required. I believe that Tammy's fine eye for detail and design throughout the copyediting process was a significant factor in receiving this outcome."

Project: PhD thesis

Role: Editing

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