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Selected Experiences

Freelance Thesis Proofreading and Formatting



Independent, professional consultation in relation to copyediting, proofreading, and formatting of Research Higher Degree theses and academic journal articles to university and publisher guidelines and standards.

What's new? Editing is no longer my side hustle; it's my day job!

In acknowledgment of this move, the assistance I've been providing to authors since 2002 now has a name:

Inkdrop editing.


Editorial Assistant/Manager


Build relationships with chapter authors, commentators, and reviewers by distance; liaise with book editors, publisher, chapter authors, commentators, and reviewers; copyedit to standards; format on publishers' templates or templates that I've created specifically for a project; and proofread final copy.

Assistant Editor—"Research Studies in Music Education"


Liaise with the editor of international journal Research Studies in Music Education, accept article submissions, solicit and collate reviewers’ reports, correspond with authors regarding outcomes of the blind peer review process, edit and format articles to APA 6th standard, and liaise with SAGE (publishers). 

Employment and Personal Interests

Over the course of a lifetime

Further to the experiences listed above, I have employment experience in the following fields:

conveyancing and litigation; tourism; property surveying; mechanical engineering; early childhood education;

educational research (support groups; general education; single-sex classrooms;

children with learning disabilities, mathematics education, rural and remote teaching, narrative inquiry); 

and counselling (particularly with people living with dementia, their families, and carers).

My personal interests include (or have included):

my immediate and extended family (naturally); genetics, genealogy, and genetic genealogy; home schooling;

reading; photography; sewing and quilting; art and craft; pistol target shooting; horses (riding for pleasure);

dogs (pets, obedience, and agility); beekeeping; breeding pigeons, budgerigars, Dexter cattle,

Wyandotte bantams and large fowl, Dark Barred Plymouth Rock large fowl, Belgian d'Uccle bantams, call ducks, and Guinea fowl; autoimmune diseases; food as medicine; the natural environment; and lifestyle.


Qualifications and Awards


Graduate Certificate of Counselling

University of Tasmania—2013

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Tasmania—2008

      Thesis: When teachers face themselves: Enduring outcomes of teachers’ “secret stories” lived and shared

Bachelor of Education (Honours)

First Class Honours, University of Tasmania—2002

       Thesis: Fostering engagement with the first R, and the ELs: Teachers’ practices withstanding the test of time

University Awards

University of Tasmania—2002

University Medal; Brian Pirkis Memorial Medal; ALEA Literacy Educators’ Award

Professional and Other Memberships

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